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The Association honors current and former unit members and their families by competitively awarding merit-based scholarships for higher education, technical and trade training, and special family service testing.

The Association Scholarship Initiative is currently applications for the 2023 scholarship cycle. Interested in applying? Send an email to to request application forms. Completed forms must be received by March 17th, 2023.


Scowcroft scholarship

The Scowcroft Scholarship is for $10,000 annually for 4 years. Candidates must have a minimum SAT Composite Score of 1240
or ACT Composite Score of 27, and have a minimum cumulative 3.5 GPA. Candidates are expected to have held positions of
responsibility and leadership in extracurricular activities, sports, service organizations, and/or employment. Two letters of recommendation and a 500-word essay on a pre-selected topic are required.

VOTECH Scholarship

The Vocational, Technical, and Community College (VOTECH) Scholarships are $3,000 annually, limited to 2 years, to be used for VOTECH studies. Selection is based on employment experience/volunteer service, demonstrated leadership, academic achievement (minimum 2.5 GPA), career interest, written goals, and recommendations.

special family services

Got an unplanned educational related challenge? Send an email to with name, contact info, and a detailed description of the challenge, proposed solution and when assistance is needed by. The Association will evaluate all requests for demonstrated need, alignment with The Association’s Charter, and fund fiscal solvency.

Miller Fellowship

The Miller Fellowship is for up to $20,000, limited to two years, and awarded within three years of graduation from college or graduate school. The objective is to provide the Fellow an opportunity live in a foreign country and participate, study, or conduct research in service-related activities while simultaneously advancing foreign language skills. Consideration is based on a 3.2 GPA or higher, academic honors, written proposal, and demonstrated career interest in government, military, foreign Service, national security or public service. (Below 3.2 GPA must demonstrate a strong record of leadership and a compelling proposal.)

miller scholarship

The Miller Scholarship is a $5,000 scholarship for participation in an accredited course of study or an internship sponsor from either a college or university, a non-governmental charitable organization, a business, or an agency. Consideration is based on a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher, academic honors, scholarship, proposal, and demonstrated career interest in government, military, Foreign Service, national security or public service. (GPA below 3.2 must demonstrate strong record of leadership and compelling proposal.) A 250-word proposal outlining the objectives for the scholarship and two letters of recommendation are required. Knowledge of a foreign language is recommended but not required.

exeter summer scholarship

Phillips Exeter Academy Summer School, Exeter, New Hampshire: 5-week summer school (first week of July – first week of August). Tuition (approx. $10,000) is provided to support high school sophomores, and juniors to participate in this life‐changing, five‐week summer experience at Exeter. Exeter is based on the Harkness education system, a conference format of student interaction with minimal teacher involvement.