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Special Assistance

The Association provides critical support to current and former unit members, particularly in situations where traditional assistance programs may not fully meet their needs.

  • Financial Hardship Grants: The Association offers grants to both current and former unit members who are facing financial difficulties. These grants can help them navigate challenging times and ensure they have the resources they need.
  • Support for Wounded Veterans: The Association funds and facilitates the installation of essential resources like wheelchairs, ramps, housing modifications, and medical equipment for active duty and former unit members who have been wounded, especially in high-risk training or combat situations. This support enhances their quality of life and mobility.
  • Gold-Star and Silver-Star Family Support: The Association extends support to Gold-Star families by covering expenses related to transportation, lodging, and other costs associated with memorial events, funerals, and unit-sponsored gatherings. This support helps honor the memory of fallen heroes and eases the financial burden on their families during difficult times.

The Association plays a crucial role in providing financial relief, essential resources, and emotional support to military personnel and their families during times of hardship and adversity. The Association stands ready to help ensure the well-being of those who have served their country.

To request assistance, send an email to with your contact information and a description of your situation.